Honoring Your Feelings Free of Judgment

Do you have a knack for neglecting to honor your feelings? Do you find yourself feeling shame for your emotions, wishing you wouldn’t feel anything at all? Do you notice that you suppress your feelings in an effort not to make others uncomfortable, only to have those emotions rise to the surface in an overwhelming way later?  This is categorized as self-abandonment, which is a learned behavior that begins in childhood. When physical and emotional needs [...]

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How Each Attachment Style Plays Into Matchmaking

Over the course of the last few weeks, we have discussed what each attachment style— secure attachment, avoidant attachment, and anxious attachment— looks like in romantic relationships. This information is all well and good to help you gain better understanding about yourself and/or your partner, but it lends the question: How does this all play into relationship configurations? How does our attachment style inform who we chase?  As you and I both well know, it isn’t always [...]

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5 Signs You’re Dating Someone With Avoidant Attachment

“Fear of commitment” has become a buzz phrase surrounding relationships. It sometimes seems that, no matter where you look, someone experiences this fear that hinders them from getting into healthy relationships. In some cases, it has even reached the extent where it is romanticized as a norm. But it is actually avoidant attachment hard at work.  We often collectively chalk fear of commitment up to a past relationship where someone did us wrong or hurt us, and [...]

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Anxious Attachment in Your Love Life

Having a love life can be complicated enough as it is. Not only do you have to find a person that is compatible with you and your beliefs, attitudes, and goals, but you also have to learn to adapt to their ways of thinking and being. In a healthy relationship, you experience joy, comfort, and security, but you’ll likely encounter compromise and disagreements, as well. It comes with the territory.  Gaining an understanding of attachment styles [...]

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Secure Attachment and Romance

The theory of secure attachment, developed in the early 1900s by John Bowlby, has become a foundational assessment of how we interact in our relationships and understand the world around us. Our specific attachment style dates all the way back to our first days out of the womb. Even at such a young age with a brain having minimal development, we were pre-conditioned to look to our attachment figures— i.e. our mothers, fathers, primary caregivers— for [...]

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The (Long Lost) Art of Trusting Yourself

It just takes one. One person might break your trust, and next thing you know, you no longer trust yourself either.  Instead of developing mistrust for that one individual in that one situation, you might instead become skeptical of everyone who crosses your path… And you cross your own path quite frequently, don’t you? Although you might have ultimately developed this self-doubt as a way to protect yourself from getting hurt again, this projection of mistrust [...]

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3 Helpful Strategies for “Unblending”

The last couple of weeks, we have discussed the inner self at length. It can come as quite the surprise that you, at you very core, are broken up into different parts, each one competing for your attention and often standing in the way of your Inner Self.  Your Inner Self is your most calm and restorative being, but if a part of you (i.e. the anxious part, the annoyed part, the depressed part) stands in [...]

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4 Ways to Understand Your Sub-Personalities

Allow me to introduce you to your sub-personalities, the parts of you that all compete for your attention and strive to be the ringleader. Envision a scenario with me: You’re in a steady relationship with your significant other. You love each other deeply, and you’re certain that you’d like to spend the rest of your lives with each other. But every once in awhile, when you’re laying in bed at night or on your early morning [...]

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Getting to Know Your Inner Self

Have you ever found yourself conflicted? A part of you wants to do one thing, but another part of you would like to do something entirely different? Say hello to the workings of your inner self.  Take this for example: You’re offered a new job that is significantly more in line with your hopes and dreams than your current job, but offers a little less financial security. You have nothing against your current job, but it [...]

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Fear of Abandonment: 6 Steps to Breaking the Cycle

When a person hears the term “abandonment,” they typically think of someone physically leaving their side— a child separated from their mother in the grocery store or a significant other deciding to call it quits, for example. But abandonment actually takes hold in a much more prevalent way.Emotional abandonment can be one of the driving forces in a relationship, even as the person is sitting right next to you.  Fear of abandonment is an innate, primal [...]

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