4 Ways to Understand Your Sub-Personalities

Allow me to introduce you to your sub-personalities, the parts of you that all compete for your attention and strive to be the ringleader. Envision a scenario with me: You’re in a steady relationship with your significant other. You love each other deeply, and you’re certain that you’d like to spend the rest of your lives with each other. But every once in awhile, when you’re laying in bed at night or on your early morning [...]

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Getting to Know Your Inner Self

Have you ever found yourself conflicted? A part of you wants to do one thing, but another part of you would like to do something entirely different? Say hello to the workings of your inner self.  Take this for example: You’re offered a new job that is significantly more in line with your hopes and dreams than your current job, but offers a little less financial security. You have nothing against your current job, but it [...]

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Key Ways Towards More Assertiveness

Assertiveness often gets a bad rap. People tend to equate it with pushiness or arrogance. Truth be told, there can be a fine line between being assertive and being aggressive. But make no mistake, assertiveness is not an intrinsically negative quality. When you are assertive, you are respectfully expressing your personal power. You’re not being selfish but you’re also not being passive. This is possible because it is possible to be forthcoming about your needs. At [...]

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Understanding Your Inner Critic’s Motivation + How To Work With It

It’s one of the most frustrating aspects of being a human. We can often be our own worst critic. Inside each and every one of us, there’s an internal monologue. It talks to us, guides us, warns us, and yes, it critiques us. This inner critic is a part of you but it is not you. The key to not letting a negative internal monologue dominate you is to understand who and what this inner [...]

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Over-Apologizing: Why You Do It & How To Stop

From women, the words “I’m sorry” are expected. In a male-dominated culture, women are raised to reflexively feel and take on guilt. Research has also found that women report themselves as committing more offenses than men. The result is often an avalanche of apologies — many, many of which are unwarranted. This trend can disempower girls and women. It can also damage a woman’s social standing. Perhaps most importantly, over-apologizing has the potential to infuse [...]

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Women & Anger: Why Healthy Expression Matters

Everyone gets angry. It’s a normal and inevitable emotion. It can be uncomfortable but it can drive us toward important growth. Not everyone is made to feel comfortable when they express anger, however. Women are conditioned to stay calm — even under extreme duress. Anger is not ladylike. It’s not feminine. Thus, it’s not appropriate. There is a terrible bias at play in this societal norm. In addition, a potentially dangerous health scenario is being [...]

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Meditation & Imagination as Tools

We live in a time when, in our pocket, we carry a mini-computer that defies imagination. Everything we think we could possibly need or want is available with just a few clicks — or so we’re led to believe. But what happens when that magical distraction machine obscures our instinctual ingenuity and vision? Too often, we lose focus, sacrifice inspiration, and delegate creativity. Sure, our devices have many useful applications but they should never, ever [...]

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Six Ways to Cope Well with Bipolar Disorder

Living with bipolar disorder can be a serious challenge. The swings from depression to mania and back again can become exhausting. Part of you struggles to maintain a positive attitude but another part implores you to withdraw and wallow. Bipolar disorder requires help from a trained professional. Hand in hand with that help goes your personal self-care and self-love regimen. The coping mechanisms you develop can be a major component of your recovery plan. Bipolar [...]

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Shame as a Source of Safety

To the best of our knowledge, infants do not experience shame. However, studies and observation demonstrate the presence of this emotion by the time those infants grow into toddlers. In an ideal sense, this is a good thing. Caretakers can use a protective version of shame to teach young children about safe and appropriate behavior. In a healthy setting, this dynamic can empower the child to regulate their own behavior. If the child is at-risk, [...]

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